At this page we have answered the most frequently asked questions.

Delivery, Return and Warranty

We offer 2 years warranty on all products. If any problems please contact our support by email, and we will help you out. *Your right of complain will vary according to the laws of your region

If any defects not related to fault of use, your unit will be picked up by DHL Express and shipped out to our service center free of charge.

*Note all robotic products require service after 2 years of use or 200 hours dependent, on what what occurs first. Contact our support center to order a service.

Yes! We offer free worldwide shipping with DHL. Also, you don't need to worry about any extra costs since the taxes are already included in the price.

You can read more about the delivery and return here .


To see the troubleshooting of your G1 or G1s, go to this page.

See how you can install your SØMLØS G1/G1s by watching this video, or check our user guide

 Yes! As long as you have set your robotic mower to "auto-mode", it will automatically return to the charging dock after mowing, or to re-charge if its out of battery.

Yes! SØMLØS robotic mower is design to work on slopes. The climbing the capacity is up to 58% steepness. If you have a steep-sided lawn, remember to lay the boundary wire diagonally so the mower has more traction into the ground and to avoid sharp edges as this will distort the signal it emits and will cause "No Signal" error.

Yes! SØMLØS robotic lawn mower will give you an healthy, green and beautiful lawn. You can read more here .

For your robotic lawnmower to work to its optimum performance, you have to maintain the very simple task of cleaning it. No need for expensive cleaning services or specialized tools. Using a coarse bristled handheld brush and a damp cloth and you're all set. We highly recommend that you use protective gloves, particularly when removing the blades of the robot lawnmower before cleaning it. See step-by-steps how you can clean your G1/G1s here .


SØMLØS S1 is not your ordinary vacuum cleaner, it's a laser sweeper - it has awesome benefits that goes beyond any ordinary vacuum cleaner and can serve you long if you use and maintain it properly. To read about how you can maintain your S1, click here .

As long as your floor transitions are not too tall for a robotic vacuum cleaner to climb, your home should be able to warmly welcome a SØMLØS S1 robotic vacuum cleaner. Thanks to its laser navigation, the S1 will map your home and you will also be able to create no-go zones. This is especially convenient if you for instance have an home office with many cords laying around or a kids corner full of legos. 

If you have multiple floors, you can easily just move your S1 to another floor and click "start" at the top of the machine or through the app. It will automatically stop when it's done or out of power. Then you have to lift the S1 back to its charging station again. 

We are recommending to spend some time following the robotic vacuum cleaner its first rounds to see where it struggles and get stuck, so you can make a few adjustments and optimize your home for your new S1. Read how you can optimize your home here .

If you haven't yet decided whether you are going to invest in a S1 or not, you can read the 6 most common benefits here