A safe robot lawn mower

A safe robot lawn mower

SØMLØS G1s robotic lawnmower has several functions to be as safe as possible for both humans and animals.

Self-sufficient with adaptive terrain control
SØMLØS G1s are designed with Adaptive Terrain Control ™. Which means that with the help of digital tilt, lift and rain sensors, the mower can navigate through your garden and clear slopes up to 25 degrees ° / 47%. Thanks to bumper sensors, the mower is also able to turn when it encounters an obstacle.

The four blades underneath the mower has a pivot setup, they are attached to a disc at one point via a screw which does not hold them firmly in place. That is, they fold back immediately if they touch solid objects. 

Built-in anti-theft protection
We ensure that G1s stay on your lawn thanks to an alarm that goes off when the mower picks up. The alarm can only be switched off by entering your personal PIN code.

Stay away from the lawn from dusk to dawn
With smart APP control, you can plan when your robotic lawnmower will run. Hedgehogs and other small nocturnal animals are most active between sunset and sunrise. Therefore, we recommend all robotic lawnmower owners to only mow the grass in the middle of the day.


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