Are robot lawn mowers worth the investment?

Are robot lawn mowers worth the investment?

There's no secret that acquiring a robot lawn mower is an investment - both in terms of time and value. However, if you own a lawn and want it to look as perfect and smooth as possible, we promise you it's worth it. Here's 5 reasons why acquiring a robot lawn mower is worth it. 


1. Save valuable time you can spend on better things

Owning a lawn can be both amazing and stressful, especially if you have a sizable property. Normally weekly mowing is recommended, but some lawns need cutting more often. With the help from a robot lawn mower, you can cut your lawn while you're doing better things - simply by using an app.


2. Your lawn will get healthier and prettier

If you mow your lawn regularly, the clippings acts as a natural fertilizer for your lawn, bringing nutrients back to the soil. This will even out your lawn with time and give the lawn a carpet-like feeling, at the same time it will help you save both money and Mother Earth.


3. SØMLØS G1 robot lawn mower is safe

When you invest in something, it is natural to also consider the security of this product. After all, you don't want any thieves to come into your property and steal your new gadget. SØMLØS G1 has an anti-theft system that will make a loud noise if someone tries to lift it outside the boundary wire. You also need to type a pin-code in order to start the machine, which makes it useless for strangers. 


4. The robot lawn mower don't take up much space 

The compact size makes the lawn mower almost invisible at the lawn, especially compared to a traditional lawn mower. 


5. Let the robot lawn mower sweat the hills for you

It's not a simple task to cut a lawn with hills. Pushing the traditional lawn mower up the hills can be an exercise itself. Then it's great news that SØMLØS G1 robot lawn also climb hills up to 25 degrees. 


To conclude, a robot lawn mower is for you if

  • You hate mowing the grass and just want to forget about it.
  • You have a large yard and dislike cutting it.
  • You want minimal maintenance


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