How a robot lawn mower actually cuts and keeps your grass wonderful

Having a robot lawn mower is the most satisfying feeling ever. Imagine coming home from work to a perfectly mowed lawn without lifting a finger? With the SØMLØS G1 Robot Lawnmower, this is easier than ever to accomplish. Set it up and control the growth of your lawn with the touch of a button

Once setting up your mower, set the mowing time and date, and your good to go. Sounds easy right? However, there is more to mowing that you need to know. When do you need to mow your lawn and even what to do with the clippings can make a big difference.

 So when do you need to mow? Most of us would say "whenever it's needed". That's right but you may need to take into consideration the type of grass growing on your lawn. Grass grows faster with enough sunlight and water as well after it’s been cut short as it tries to rebuild itself. Some could grow as tall as 10 cm. The perfect grass height should be between 5-6 cm — typically the highest setting on robotic mowers. You should also take into consideration the evenness of the cut, not just the height. Some grass grows on even grounds as well as on slopes. The Key is not cutting your grass too short

Mowing is pruning. Robotic mowers cut grass lighter. When grass is growing too fast especially in spring, mowing needs to be done twice a week. Do not wait for it to become a bush as that would be harder for your robotic mower to cut. The blades will easily get blunt and blunt blades will not be effective in cutting. Besides this, you won't have to worry about carrying loads of grass clippings into your trash. To get the best results of using your SØMLØS G1, we recommend setting up a scheduled mowing at least three times a week.

If you’re mowing regularly, clippings won’t be a problem. They’ll be short enough to disappear into the lawn. It’s best to let the clippings drop into the lawn as opposed to bagging them because it acts as a natural fertilizer for your lawn, bringing nutrients back to the soil; so you don't have to buy those, thus saving money and mother Earth at the same time. This will even out your lawn with time and give the lawn a carpet-like feeling.

Mowing patterns. Have you ever notice why some parts of your lawn are greener than the other side? That's the result of your mowing pattern. The way that your robotic mower works are the blades spins and blows the grass as it cuts. The route your robotic mower takes creates a difference in the evenness thus creating some parts looking green and others not too much.