Tips to maintain your SØMLØS lawnmowers

maintain robotic lawn mower sømløs

A robot lawn mower must survive though conditions. By continuously being outdoor, experiencing rain, wind, hot and cold weather, your lawn mower could need some love and care.

For optimum mowing experience, year after year, we recommend taking good care of your mower by following these following tips.


1) Understand the user manual

Be familiar with the user's manual. The worst thing that you could ever do is damage your newly unboxed mower. To avoid this from happening, make sure you understand how it works and properly take care of it according to the manufacturer's instructions. These instructions are provided so your robotic lawnmowers will live longer.


2) Protect the mower from rough weather

Store your mower in a dry and protected place to make sure it will last for as long as possible. If you don't have a location that fits these criterias, you can storage you mower in a lawn mower shelter


3) Clean the robotic lawn mower at a regular basis

Clean your robotic lawnmower. To aid in performance, make it a habit to clean your mower at least once a week. Brush out the grass (you may use a regular brush you purchase at your favorite grocery store) and any debris that has hardened or caked on the undercarriage during your mowing.



4) Check the blades

Your lawn may be clear from any obstacles. However, the blades on your mower may wear down due to the other factors: type of grass, temperature (damp grass makes it harder for the mower to cut), and longevity usage.



5) Replace the blades

If your mower's blades are blunt or no longer cuts, never attempt to sharpen or apply any do-it-yourself alterations. Remove the blades (check manual page 34), dispose properly and replace them with a new set. You may order new blades at



6) Winterized your Mower

Fully charge the battery of your robotic mower before winter storage. If the storage time is longer than 1 year, recharge the mower again before use.



7) Software updates

Keep your SØMLØS G1 ad G1+ up to date with the latest software. You can always check the latest software here.

Remember to do your annual maintenance so your robotic mower will be less likely to get damaged and or malfunction. Now you are ready for your next mowing!

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