Pocket-lint review: SOMLOS S2 robot vacuum cleaner

pocket-lint best robot robotic vacuum cleaner mop

"Sømløs S2 robot vacuum cleaner review: Hands-off cleaning"

Pocket-lint, the leading independent gadget news and reviews website, just finished testing our newest addition to our smart home portfolio - SØMLØS S2 Auto-Cleaner. This is their thoughts:


"The Sømløs S2 is part of an elite club of premium robot vacuum cleaners that claims to not only offer the convenience of automated clearing in your home, but also the hassle-free joy of self-cleaning and emptying too.

This is a high-end robot vacuum cleaner that comes with a large dock that not only empties dirt and debris and charges the machine, but also cleans and readies the mop for its next session."


Read the whole review from Pocket-lint here

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