SØMLØS G1 listed in "The best robot lawn mowers 2021: Sit back and watch your grass get trimmed" by Pocket Lint

SØMLØS G1, robot lawn mower, has just found its way into Pocket Lint's list of top 6 robot lawn mowers of 2021. We’re incredibly proud to be included alongside the best robot lawn mowers in the market. 

"We like how quiet and self-sufficient the SØMLØS G1 is. Trundling around your garden with regularity and efficiency in mind. It doesn't clean up after itself, but if it's allowed to go about its business regularly then that's not an issue.

Highlights include adjustable cutting height, an anti-theft system, large wheels that help it navigate with ease and up to 180 minute work time.

Setup the G1 and let it get on with cutting the grass and you'll have far less gardening to do." - Pocket Lint

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