"SØMLØS G1s is an extremely high quality robotic lawnmower" - Smartdomotica.it

The team over at Smartdomotica Italy  recently shared their thoughts on our latest generation robot lawn mower SØMLØS G1s.


"Summing up this review, we can say that SØMLØS G1s is an extremely high quality robotic lawnmower, suitable for large gardens. Complete and reliable, it offers a level of construction quality and absolutely satisfactory performance. The functionalities, both the smart ones and those strictly related to lawn care, are varied and interesting, as well as the possibility of customizing the use of the device. In particular, we recall the constant improvement due to continuous software updates (WiFi connection required) and the adaptive terrain control system, which allows “optimized” mowing based on terrain, slope and obstacles. High price, but it is worth them all." - Smartdomonica.it

Read the full article here (IT)