"The G1s is pleasantly quiet" - Mac Life

"The G1s is pleasantly quiet" - Mac Life

The team over at MacLife Magazine recently shared their thoughts on the SØMLØS G1s, in an enthusiastic article about robot lawn mowers.

SØMLØS G1s Controll Panel
Here’s part of what they had to say:

“With its gray-black housing, the G1s is reminiscent of noble luxury cars."

Noise levels:
"What immediately stands out positively: The G1s is pleasantly quiet"

Cutting performance:
"The result is impressive. The blades of grass are neatly cut off, the clippings remains in place and serves as a future source of nutrients."

SØMLØS G1s Cutting Blades

“The result is really remarkable. The The robotic lawnmower does its job without much fuss and with little noise. Thanks to the individual schedule and the smart automation, you can control your work routine adapt perfectly to the circumstances.”

Read the full article here (in German)

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