We innovate for people

We innovate for people


SØMLØS was created to bridge the gap between man and machine. To enable humanity to focus more on the creative, complex and beautiful aspects of life, and less on repetitive, everyday tasks.

Our time is finite but our potential as a species is infinite. Because of this, we believe the value of how we spend every moment should be ours to decide. 

That’s why SØMLØS was created, to help people to spend their lives how they want. To develop robotics that focuses on being a seamless, innovative extension of our own lifestyles. 

In Norwegian SØMLØS means ”seamless”, which emphasize our belief in a future of more freedom through seamless integration with technology.

SØMLØS is a brand from Oslo, Norway – a place with a unique society and sense of style. The calm confidence and the focus on natural light and materials in the SØMLØS products reflect Norwegian life and modern Scandinavian design.

Designed to outsource the little things, the repetitive, and mundane everyday tasks that take up large sums of our life over time. So that we may focus more on the better things.

The things that we are passionate about. The things that inspire and ignite humanity’s spirit. The creative, complex and beautiful abilities that only man is capable of. 

At SØMLØS we innovate for people. We make life easier, better and more seamless with cutting-edge technology. Our bold innovations deliver a premium experience through intuitive technology and effortless solutions.

SØMLØS aims to lead the revolution of how timehumanity’s most finite resource, is spent. 


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