"TOP 5 – Best robotic lawnmower 2022" - doorgelicht.be

"TOP 5 – Best robotic lawnmower 2022" - doorgelicht.be
Doorgelicht in Belgium recently reviewed the SØMLØS G1s in challenging wet autumn conditions and this is their thoughts.

Here’s part of what they had to say:

"Important to mention; even where the garden is very rough and uneven, with slope and patches without grass, the G1S performed well. This is thanks to good cooperation between the various sensors and the built-in software." -  Johan Deschrijver, doorgelicht.be

"What is certain is that the Somlos itself performed quite well in the rain. A real surprise. Other models fail more quickly here.”  - Johan Deschrijver, doorgelicht.be

Read the full article here (NL)

The SØMLØS G1s also got listed in their prestigious list of "TOP 5 – Best robotic lawnmower 2021" - Doorgelicht.be

Read the more here (NL)

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