Why invest in a robotic lawnmower?

Robotic lawnmowers allow you to sit back and multitask; letting your machine take care of your lawn while performing more important projects on hand. It helps you getting your to-dos completed at a faster rate making you more productive than before!

The idea of having a carpet-like lawn is everybody's dream realized. And for you to get that flawless look on your lawn, you'll have to invest time and energy or simply invest in SØMLØS G1 robotic lawn mower.

It makes your lawn looking healthier than ever!
SØMLØS robotic mower cuts the grass into fine clippings, it moves much more frequently than the traditional mower. There's no need to dispose of grass clippings; you may leave those on your lawn as it'll act as a fertilizer to your grass.

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It's cheaper to maintain.
All you need is a brush and damp cloth to clean the underside of your robotic mower. Check the blades for dents or variables that may be stuck on there to ensure that your mower will work at it's best! Do this at least once a week (if you are mowing 2 times a month). It is advisable to do the cleaning once a week if you are mowing weekly.

User and Earth-friendly
SØMLØS robotic mower uses the latest technology. You can set up the application on your phone, schedule the mower, and set the mowing pattern in a breeze! It is also entirely configurable via a user-friendly control panel that lets you adjust the cutting height, frequency, and duration, allowing you to tailor the look of your lawn.

SØMLØS G1 uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. It is our goal to move toward renewable energy; innovation while taking care of the environment.

Produces less noise
The noise output of robot lawn mowers varies. Even so, they are all considerably quieter than a conventional lawnmower. Sømløs robotic mower noise level is between 55 - 65 DB. If your mower is noisier than usual, you might want to check for debris stuck on the blades or the wheels.

Robotic lawnmowers - a safer alternativ
SØMLØS G1 is equipped with a PIN & Alarm System, lift & tilt sensors and bump sensors. These features ensure that the robot itself is not toyed with or stolen while in operation, or while charging to ensure that no-one is harmed while it is away at work.

SØMLØS G1 | Robot Lawn Mower

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