The benefits of owning a SØMLØS S1 - Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The benefits of owning a SØMLØS S1 - Robot Vacuum Cleaner

SØMLØS S1 was designed to outsource cleaning at home, to free up time, so that you can focus on the better things. For many, the advent of robot vacuums is a dream come true. It's automated and a faster way to get a cleaning done. 

 If you are still wondering why you should consider buying a SØMLØS S1 vacuum, here are 6 of the most common benefits associated with using this:

 1) Cleaning anytime, anywhere
You don’t have to be home to clean. No more laborious work of sweeping your floor especially carpeted floors. SØMLØS S1 has state-of-the-art Carpet boosting technology that refreshes and purifies your carpets and floors giving you a thorough clean. It can save you an enormous amount of time allowing you to dedicate more to activities that you love and enjoy, and still be able to come home to a clean house.

2) Easy Cleaning in tight spaces
SØMLØS S1 robot vacuum cleaner can reach under your couch, sofa, bed, and other large furniture; making hard-to-reach areas cleaning a breeze! Dirt sensors help detect all dirty areas and clean those areas automatically. 

3) Always connected
Your robotic vacuum cleans without supervision and can easily be accessed through your smartphone or tablet. It cleans perfectly without your assistance. SØMLØS S1 is the perfect cleaning partner for a tight schedule. This device also has navigational sensors that prevent it from dropping off the edges and bumping into obstructions. 

4) Low Maintenance
SØMLØS S1 is created with the most advanced technology and uses high-quality materials. The only thing that you have to do is to change HEPA-filter every 6 months and empty the robot vacuum container.


 5) A cleaner and healthier home

With the SØMLØS S1 Robot Vacuum, you can schedule cleaning every day if wanted. This way you ensure no dust or particles being around for your everyday life. Keeping your home clean and healthy! 

6) Space Saver
SØMLØS S1 does not require huge storage space and can be hidden under furniture. The premium black matte finish gives the S1 a discrete yet sophisticated look that will look just as good tomorrow as it does today.

In conclusion:
The SØMLØS S1 robotic vacuum cleaner requires no setup and is ready to go after unboxing. We can ensure you that after trying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner you will never go back to traditional vacuuming again. It is always ready to work and stays put in the charging dock. It is both extremely satisfying and time-saving having a robot do the work for you. 

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