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We have successfully launched SØL3 software version for your G1 and G1+! Upgrade your device software now using your SØMLØS Upgrade kit!


 How to Install your SØMLØS G1:



 Here's what you need to know about your mower:

  • No Signal issues are usually cause by incorrect setup. It is also caused by your mower running over the boundary wires. The "No Signal" will appear for about 1s-1.5s on your mower's screen. It will somehow go back to normal. If not, check our troubleshooting steps for No signal issue below.
  • The SØMLØS robotic mower is running through the boundary wire; make sure to cut off the rubber ends of the boundary wire so electricity can run through it.
  • The boundary wire needs to be placed in a straight line at least 200cm in front of the charging station and at least 30cm behind the charging station before it makes any turn.
  • Charging Dock will emit a Red/Blue light indicating a good signal connection. See User Manual on how to correctly connect the wires, page 20
  • Set your your robotic mower to "Auto-mode" so it will return automatically to the charging dock after use.
  • Zig-zag modes works best for flat lawns. Since both zig-zag and spiral are both secondary functions, it will automatically change to Random mode. Terrain and obstacles can impact cutting functions set.
  • Corners of the boundary wires should not be bent too sharp
  • If the boundary wire is damaged the robotic mower will stop or will not work.
  • If you have a slope on your lawn, lay the boundary wire diagonally so the mower has more traction into the ground and to avoid sharp edges as this will distort the signal it emits and will cause No Signal error
  • If it runs over the cable, it stops, backs off, and continuous in another direction.
  • DO NOT overlap the boundary wire
  • Your robotic mower will not mow when it's going back to it's charging station.


My Lawnmower is showing No Signal. What should I do?

Move your SØMLØS G1 in the middle of your lawn after everything is set up properly and make sure the Red/Blue light is still flashing.
Do the "SELF-TEST"
- Go to Home Screen -> Diagnostics -> Choose “Check Signal”. Check Sensor indicator.
*If everything is OK here, it should show as indicated below.
L Sensor: Inner
R sensor: Inner
Lift Sensor: OK
Bump Sensor: OK
Rain Sensor: OK

My robotic mower still shows No Signal.

Do a Factory Reset:
Go to Home screen > System settings > Factory reset
Press “OK-knapp”
Enter your password
Select “YES”
Your SØMLØS G1 is now resetting back to factory settings.

My mower is not charging.


  • Check if your it's set to Auto -- your SØMLØS will back to the charging dock in a counter-clockwise motion.
  • Please make sure that the cables at the back of your charging station is correctly placed (refer to Page 5 of your Norwegian manual)
  • Uninstall the battery for 1 minute, then reinstall it
  • Carry your lawnmower and place it to it's charging dock. Check if it'll charge

Note if everything has been don correctly and your mower is still not charging, please our after sales support: support@somlos.com
Screen displaying Bumper Error
  • When you lifting your mower , use the handle bracket and not the cover, otherwise it will result to "bumper error" 
  • Check the inside of your mower's bumper if there is anything stuck on there
  • Do not to press the STOP button, but use both hands to adjust the bumper instead.