Signal Issue

1) Make sure that wires connected to the back of the charging station the right way. See user manual page 20
**Important that you cut off the rubber ends of the boundary wire so electricity can run through the wire in order for the signal to work.
2) Make sure that the wire is put in a straight line at least 200cm in front of the charging station and at least 30cm behind the charging station before it makes any turn.
3) When everything is set up, make sure there is flashing red/blue light in the charging station. This indicate that the signal is good.
5) Check that the SØMLØS G1 is in Auto Mode. 
*It wont leave or even go back to the charging station automatically if you set it into "Manual-mode."

6) Still having problems with signal ?

Move the SØMLØS G1 into the middle of your lawn after everything is set up properly and make sure the red/blue light is still flashing.
Do the "SELF-TEST":
- Go to Home Screen -> Diagnostics -> Choose “Check Signal”.
Check what the different sensors indicate.
*If everything is OK here, it should show as indicated below.
L Sensor: Inner
R sensor: Inner
Lift Sensor: OK
Bump Sensor: OK
Rain Sensor: OK

7) Nothing works? Try a Factory Reset:
- Go to Home screen -> System settings -> Factory reset
-Press “OK-knapp”
-Write your password
-Check off  “YES”
The SØMLØS G1 is now resetting back to factory settings.