Latest software version

Latest software: SøL2 / SøL5
Check your current version by doing a "self test"
1) Go to Home Screen
2) Diagnostics
3) Choose “Check Signal”

 Improvements on latest software "SøL2 / SøL5":
- Stabilized operation through less speed when returning to dock.
Stabilized operation in slopes regarding going out of boundary
- Reduced possibility for repetetive cutting pattern
- Better operation in corners

Install Latest Software

For this step we recommend using a Windows computer.
*Apple/Mac users have to install an application which allows you to run windows programs. We recommed using "Parallels Desktop" so you can run windows programs in a separate window on you mac. Follow this guide here .

1. Install MPLAB - Software Installation Application
*Download MPLAB application here

After downloaded file above follow these steps:

2. Connect SØMLØS Update Tool to your computer

*Note software update tool needed. Buy here

3. Transfer latest software to your Update Tool
For all units delivered from start of August:
*Download latest software version "SøL5" here

For all units delivered before August:
(Note* if your unit has been at our service center, please use software version "SøL5")

*Download latest software version "SøL2" here

*Both software versions above contain same updates

After downloaded file above follow these steps:

4. Install software on SØMLØS G1