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The Age Of Self Cleaning Floors Has Arrived.

Fully autonomous: The auto-cleaner sweeps, mops & even maintains itself.
Clean 2.0: Incredible Powerful Suction and Pressurized Mopping
Always available: App control and smart home integration.
Beautiful: Designed to compliment any space with its matte black simplicity.

Review: New and Better
"Overall, SØMLØS S2 is a fantastic robot vacuum cleaner. It vacuums, mops, and has a range of options in the app for zone cleaning, spot cleaning, choosing the order of rooms, no-mop zones, and more." - DinSide

Review: Hands-off cleaning
"This robot vacuum cleaner will mop, vacuum and handle all the mess at the end of it. It's also camera free, if you're concerned about privacy." - Pocket Lint

Look and feel

With its sleek, minimalistic, matte black design Design, SØMLØS S2
Compliments Any Space.


Laser navigation
Carpet boost
5200 MaH Battery
Vaccum, mop and sweep
App controlled
Smart docking station with LCD


Tech specs | S2

Net Weight | 4.15kg.
Wireless Connection | 2.4G WiFi.
Charging Voltage | 16.8V.
Low Noise | <70 dB(A)
Running time | 250 min after one charging.
Battery Life | 5,200mAh large-capacity battery.
Rated Power | 50W. 
No Cameras | Uses only sensors, for full privacy.
Dust Collector Capacity | 350ml. 
Anti-Drop | Smart sensors avoid drops higher than 8 cm.
Smart Climb | Can climb 15 mm obstacles.
Powerful suction | >2499Pa
Space Coverage | Covers 200m² on a single charge with the
Rated Voltage | 14.4V
Charge Current | 1.2A

Base station:
Dimensions | 430 x 430 x 455
Dust bag capacity | 3L
Water tank capacity | 4L
Dirty water tank capacity | 4L
Sterilization method | ozone
Drying method | Hot air drying
Noise level | <80 dB(A)
Dust collection time | 12 seconds

Package contents / dimensions

1x SØMLØS S2 Base station
1x AC Adaptor


Side brushes
Main brush

The Age Of Self Cleaning Floors Has Arrived.

Unlock complete freedom from cleaning floors—with a fully autonomous robot vacuum that sweeps, mops & even maintains itself.

SØMLØS Auto-cleaner

Experience the next generation of seamless cleaning.
Full cleaning, at the touch of a button.

Unlock complete freedom, from cleaning floors.

SØMLØS S2 Auto-Cleaner has every base covered. It vacuums, mops, and sweeps your floors. Minimize your chores & maximize your free time. With the secret little household helper—reinventing the way you clean.

Industry leading performance, for the ultimate, precision clean.

SØMLØS Auto-Cleaner has a powerful sucking and pressurized mopping—which makes cleaning your home effortless. In mop mode, it glides through your home removing stains and marks with fast spinning mop pads. While in vacuum mode, it easily pulls up stubborn hairs, dust, dirt and crumbs from carpets.

Self washing & drying mop, for a fresh clean every time.

When the mop pads get dirty, the Auto-Cleaner returns to its dock to be cleaned. The dock will spray hot water, spin, scrub, and then auto-dry them, ready to be used again. This process prevents mildew, cross-contamination and bacteria build-up.  While saving you one more chore off your list. You can easily decide how often your Auto-Cleaner should wash the mops in your SØMLØS app.

Beautiful, Minimalistic Design, Compliments Any Space.

Despite its powerful cleaning ability, the Auto-Cleaner is at maximum no louder than a shower (<70dB). Combined with its sleek, minimalistic, matte black design, it easily compliments any living abode. It’s your secret little helper, that minimizes your chores, and maximizes your free time.

Work On Your Terms, With Custom Cleaning Options.

SØMLØS Auto-Cleaner has smart lasers that help it accurately map out your house. Once this is done, you can easily define no-go zones, customize your cleaning strategy and monitor the cleaning status. It offers options like daily maintenance, deep cleans or spot cleans.